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Our World Class Dyno Tuner




Richard Gibby

20 Years

  • 9 Time World Record Champion

  • Calibration Engineer

  • OEM Bosh Specialist

  • Standalone ECU​​

  • HP Tuners Certified


     My passion for calibration/tuning is to provide a total experience for the customer that is above the stock frame. I seek to provide the customer with a result that enlists a direct emotional response. Seeing a customer overwhelmed with joy and excitement after driving the vehicle with my tune greatly outweighs the long hours and hard work put into the product and is a driving force.


     I tune all areas of the throttle engagement and specifically maximizing the torque for said throttle points as a base then tailoring the throttle response feedback to the customer’s request. I have found by approaching the calibration philosophy in this manner that the results connect the driver to the direct feedback of the vehicle. 


     I also perform stress testing and various load conditions to insure the performance gains match the safety margins we adhere to.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

     The dyno is a testbed and can provide torque results for various commanded load conditions from the vehicle however when calibrating for increased power output or drivability or sound tuning etc. Extensive amounts of data needs to be captured and analyzed.

Example of data acquisition via OBD and data analysis using some of in-house software and hardware:

     Extensive calibration changes will need to be made to ensure optimal feedback and not just blind power gains. It’s important that as example boost feedback in a PID system adheres to the changes in torque delivery or that fueling corelates to those transient changes.


Example of some calibration strategy changes for P-share regulation within a Bosch OEM control unit:

     With some engine control units to access or program the control unit we need to perform a bench flash or direct on chip access. We can also repair some damaged or locked control units.

     Diagnostics is an important step for not only our service side but our performance specific relation. Many times customer might have a change happen or something isnt right with drivability or a CEL check engine light is on.

General scanners can help though factory specific diagnostic tools are necisary in some cases.

Example of BMW factory diagnostics:

     Telemetry during tuning is paramount as indicated. Most modern control units have many sensors built in though we use additional sensors to affirm conditions and target calibration strategies.

     We offer many features including sound tuning such as burbles, crackles, Pops/Bangs including flame on deceleration when applicable. Hard cut limiter is another feature that is available in some applications.

     Mercedes and other manufactures require transmission control unit and other modules to be calibrated in order to allow for higher torque output and increased clamping force during shifts as well as modification to shift points.

    In terms of tuning products and tuning services we strive to offer the best quality and feature set available.

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